Quality Management, Continual Improvements and Excellence

Sandholm Associates was founded in Stockholm in 1971. It supports companies and organizations worldwide in developing their quality management and continual improvements, with the purpose of achieving excellence. We do this through education, training, management- mentorship, and supervision. We are also deeply involved in the research and longterm development of our sphere of knowledge. The Sandholm Excellence Center, in Portugal, is our international training-base.

Focus on results and customers

Focus should always be put on what’s important for an organization and on how to improve results and satisfy customers. Methods are important to achieve good results but should never become goals in themselves. We work with the most available methods within the knowledge area of quality management. In particular: Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, ISO 9001, EFQM, TQM, and BPM. All  of these are important for learning the methodology and tools needed to succeed.

Leadership and quality culture

Successful quality and improvement work depend a lot on good leadership and on the development of a strong quality culture  in the entire organization. Good leadership focuses systematically on how the organization continuously can do better in achieving goals and meeting the needs and expectations of customers. Such leadership must be grounded in knowledge about fact-based problem- solving methodology, process-development, and innovation.