Quality Management, Continual Improvements and Excellence

Sandholm Associates was founded in Stockholm in 1971. It supports companies and organizations worldwide in developing their quality management and continual improvements, with the purpose of achieving excellence. We do this through education, training, management- mentorship, and supervision. We are also deeply involved in the research and long-term development of our sphere of knowledge. The Sandholm Excellence Center, in Portugal, is our international training-base.

Focus on results and customers

Focus should always be put on what’s important for an organization and on how to improve results and satisfy customers. Methods are important to achieve good results but should never become goals in themselves. We work with the most available methods within the knowledge area of quality management. In particular: Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, ISO 9001, EFQM, TQM, and BPM. All of these are important for learning the methodology and tools needed to succeed.

Course starts in Portugal delayed due to Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we have decided to delay the introduction of our training courses in Portugal till the situation is normal and safe again. If you want our support now, we run online training and support organizations on distance. Please contact us to get more information!

Sandholm Associates 50-year Anniversary

Sandholm Associates was founded 1971 and celebrate 50-year anniversary this year. 1981 our company, as the first western company, started to give training courses in Quality Management in China. This gives us a reason to celebrate 40-year anniversary in China at the same time. Since 1971 our company has supported many individuals, companies, and organizations from more than 100 countries with training in quality management, excellence, and continual improvements.

Leadership and quality culture

Successful quality and improvement work depend a lot on good leadership and on the development of a strong quality culture in the entire organization. Good leadership focuses systematically on how the organization continuously can do better in achieving goals and meeting the needs and expectations of customers. Such leadership must be grounded in knowledge about fact-based problem-solving methodology, process development, and innovation.

Quality Management for a Sustainable Development

Focus within quality management is today expanding to include both actual and future customers. In this way, sustainability becomes a central part of quality. The quality body of knowledge offers a systematic way to achieve good results within sustainability. Read more on www.iaqaward.com   

Unique 50-year Anniversary Conference

To celebrate our 50-year anniversary, we arranged “Sandholm Associates 50-year Anniversary Quality Weeks” September 15-29 2021. This event became a unique digital conference with speeches from many of the most experienced quality professionals around the world, workshops, seminars, panel discussions, and training courses in the program. Participants from many different countries took part in the conference and made it a fantastic celebration. Read more here