Broad-based training

Broad-based training provides your employee base with the knowledge needed to take in and support quality improvement projects in their day-to-day activities. An educated and actively involved employee base is essential to guarantee the success of improvement efforts as well as to establish a comprehensive culture of quality across an organization. 

Broad-based training is often successfully run internally.  Sandholm Excellence Center supports this work by offering Train the Trainer programs and providing training materials that can be used in employee training programs.  Trainers, who could be anyone in the organization from education specialists to executives, then blend the information learned at us with the company’s own culture and business needs.  This allows for seamless integration of the company’s culture and business model with the tools and methods of quality improvement that will prepare employees to succeed.

We additionally offer e-learning programs in several areas of our expertise and can contribute to the development of tailored solutions for individual clients. E-learning programs can be enhanced with in-person courses for so-called blended learning, to achieve a more comprehensive understanding.

Sandholm Excellence Center can, if the business prefers, provide custom-designed broad-based training led entirely by Sandholm experts or in collaboration with an organization’s own internal education providers.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss which option would best suit your needs.