Sandholm Excellence Center offers consultancy support with the intention of helping our customers succeed with quality, excellence and continual improvements. Our conviction is that consultation should develop the client's own skills and ability to achieve sustainable success. Our consultants help you help yourself, and do not take over the responsibility of the client.

Our aim as consultants is to be the source of knowledge and inquiry, a roadmap, a coach, a catalyst, and a sounding board. We are strongly committed to delivering concrete results to the client. As much as possible of the work will be performed by the client's employees. This builds a competence in the client's organization, which is important to ensure the continued operation of improvement efforts.

Sandholm Excellence Center has a wide network of consultants who have extensive expertise and many years of experience in countries across several continents. We offer international customers full-service global support. Our consultants’ experience ranges from practical experience in senior positions to extensive quality-related research experience.  For more specific information, see our Consultants page.

We offer four main types of consultancy support within each consulting project:  Coaching, Specialist support, Supervision, and Mentorship, as further described below. Many of our consulting projects will include a combination of education and these different forms of consultancy support.

Coaching means that we support our clients' planning and decision making regarding initiatives and programs concerning quality, improvement work, and customer-oriented business development.

Specialist support means that we help our customers solve specific problems or handle difficulties that arise in the work of quality, improvement, and customer-oriented business development. Examples include advanced data analysis, problem solving, process development, and change management.

Supervision means that our consultants actively participate in the customers´work to lead improvements and change. The assignments can be of varying scope from the management of defining improvement projects or events, to participation in major initiatives regarding quality, improvement or customer-oriented business development programs.

Mentorship means that we provide personal support to individuals and/or management teams with the intention of helping them in their work and personal development regarding leadership and actions in quality, improvement work, and customer-oriented business development.