Since almost 50 years Sandholm Associates is a leading supplier of knowledge in quality management, continual improvements and excellence. Our main business has always been in Sweden, but training and consulting has been carried out in more than 45 different countries. People from more than 100 differnt countries have participated in our courses and workshops. Sandholm Excellence Center is Sandholm Associates new international affiliate that is part of a new stronger global focus.

Sandholm Excellence Center works with the most cutting edge concepts and methodology in the field of quality and improvement. Sandholm is the leading source for teaching Six Sigma and Lean in Sweden since many years. Our way of working is results-driven rather than method-driven and offers a deep understanding of quality and improvement. Our knowledge is built on many years of research and practical experiences. Sandholm Excellence CenterĀ“s consultants constantly strive to help the customer find the combination of methods and tools that are best suited to the individual organization.  Our consultants work very closely with clients to establish a strong quality and improvement culture in the customer's organization that is lasting over time.  Crucial to success is using our well-developed concepts, methods, and skills to simultaneously develop strategy, structure, and culture.  

In our work, we often help our clients to:
  • develop managers' skills and understanding of fact-based and customer-oriented improvement work,
  • train and develop specialists as quality professionals, improvement leaders and process developers, and
  • support activities in developing a value-creating quality and improvement culture throughout the organization.
Our clients are varied in scope, and include industrial companies and service organizations, government organizations and private companies both large and small.  Through our global network, education and consultancy support can be provided in many different languages.