The area around Ponte de Lima is great for sports. The climate is suitable for physical training and out-door activities most time of the year. There are many active sports clubs in the region in various sports. You will very often meet cyclists and runners on the streets, windsurfers and surfers on the beach, people riding horses in the forests and people canoeing on the river. If you are interested in travel abroad for practicing and improving skills in your sport this is the right spot for you. 


There are very good opportunities for cycle training around Ponte de Lima. Both for road bikes and mountain bikes. Numerous of small roads cover the countryside. The region is hilly that makes is good for training. You can find many tours that take you from sea-level up to 1 200 m height. The traffic is usually low and drivers seems to be used to cyclists. In the forests and along the river there are paths and tracks perfect for mountain bike training. Close to Ponte de Lima there is also a huge bike park with good sloops for down-hill.

Windsurfing, Kite and Surfing

Viana do Castelo, 20 km from Ponte de Lima, offers one of the best spots for windsurfing and kiting in Portugal. 2018 even the PWA Windsurfing World Cup was arranged here. There are two beaches that are very popular for windsurfers and kites. The northern beach is smaller but is protected by the huge pier of Viana. The water here is mostly flat and because of this it is crowded by windsurfers on slalom and speed boards. Just south of this the main beach starts and continue many kilometres. The further south you get the bigger waves you will find. The wind is often very good. Both north and south of Viana there are a number of other good spots for windsurfing and kiting.

If you are interested in surfing Viana do Castelo is a great place for learning. There are also a number of spots good for more advanced surfers. If you are a very, very professional surfer you can travel further south to Nazaré that has the highest waves ever being surfed in the world. Maximum wave height are around 35 meters and when the circumstances are rough you will meet the best surfers from Hawaii and Australia on the beach…


Numerus small roads and paths cut through the countryside. This creates a perfect environment for running. You can find flat tracks or very demanding tracks over hills and mountains. Along the Lima river there is a well-prepared and beautiful running and walking tracks.

Horse riding

Ponte de Lima is an internationally recognized equestrian destination and a center for horse riding in Portugal. Most famous is the Horse Fair organized in July every year that have earned national and international recognition. During the Horse Fair numerous competitions can be watched, such as the official competition that provides points for international rankings.  Every year a number of other horse competitions are also organized in Ponte de Lima. The International Show Jumping Competitions in May and Dressage Competition in June are two of those.

If you are into horse riding there are many opportunities to practice in Ponte de Lima. You can find anything from advanced training clinics in dressage to horse riding tours in the mountain.


Ponte de Lima Golf Course is a paradise for a golfer. Surrounded by mountains, vineyards and historical mansions it offers a fantastic atmosphere. From the course you have a great view over the Lima valley and a close contact with the typical Minho countryside. The course has two rounds of nine holes each. The first nine holes are hilly and the second nine level. Hole number 3 are, with its 622 meters, among the longest in Europe.


Ponte de Lima Nautical Club is one of the best canoeing clubs in Europe having won medals in World Championships, European Championships and in the Olympics. The club has also arranged numerous competitions and championships in Ponte de Lima. This had made Ponte de Lima to a center for paddlers that offer unique possibilities for training on highest level. For the less extreme paddler recreation canoes are also available for renting.