Sandholm Excellence Center Online

During the years of Covid-19, our clients and we learned a lot about online training. The technology existed long before this, but due to the pandemic, a breakthrough in behavior happened. Today following online training is a natural way of learning for most people. Because of the urgent need for a more sustainable development, this has also turned out to be an important way of avoiding traveling. 

All our training courses can today be provided online. We can deliver training online, in a blended format, mixing online and in-person learning, or training in traditional classrooms. What is best depends on the situation and the people that should learn. A big advantage we have found with online training is the possibility of connecting people worldwide, which will develop new connections and networks. 

Sandholm Excellence Center today has professional studios to broadcast high-quality online training. We also have a learning management system (LMS) that makes active learning in a flipped classroom possible. Another advantage is the new digital pedagogic Sandholm Excellence Center has developed to make online training very effective. 

Our online training is based on lectures broadcasted in real time to our students in a digital classroom on Zoom. An online lecture is in many ways similar to an in-person lecture. We mix presentations from the teacher with discussions, workshops, and group activities in break-out rooms. On top of this, we make a lot of other learning material available through our LMS. This could be recorded presentations, guest speakers, e-learning, articles, and e-books. This way our students have a new and better possibility to learn than in traditional training courses.