Executive seminars

Executive seminars are designed to educate and inspire top management and can be tailored to your specific needs.  They vary in subject and in duration and can be anything your organization needs to inspire the leaders of excellence work.  We clearly emphasize management's role in business development and create a commitment to and inspiration for the work.

An executive seminar is a great way to kick-off the planning for a new initiative in excellence; it gives management a chance to set the tone and direction of the project so that the organization can feel confident about the road it is traveling on, knowing the investment of time and resources will pay off. We offer executive seminars both at Sandholm Excellence Center and at customer locations. 

Seminars typically last between one half-day to two days and include a combination of lectures and workshops, and can also include assignments, study visits, and/or mentorship from experienced consultants.  Others have chosen to hold seminars periodically throughout the year, for example on a weekly basis for several weeks as part of a push to complete or begin a project.  We also offer annual inspiration weekends for top management, designed to maintain momentum for an excellence initiative with a focus on mentorship and addressing current problems.

Seminar themes commonly focus on quality, organizational excellence, continual improvement, process management, Lean, Six Sigma, leadership, and employeeship, with many other options available as well. 

Please contact us for more information or to discuss how we can best suit your needs.