Internal training

Our consultants regularly conduct internal training in various companies and organizations. Internal training can be delivered in-person or online and ranges from a serial presentation on specific quality topics to holding one of our open courses on your site, to tailoring a series of courses for different levels of staff specific to your needs. Often these courses are combined with consulting support so that the impact is more intentional and specific to each organization. 

Internal training programs may, for example, be part of implementing an improvement program according to Lean or Six Sigma, building a quality management system or developing an organization's ability to work with quality in the supply chain. To achieve success, a holistic perspective is required. This means that management, specialists, managers and employees are trained through a well-planned program that involves all different levels of the organization. Read more about the various activities of successful programs:

1. Executive seminars
2. Specialist training
3. Manager training
4. Broad-based training for more generalized staff

In larger educational initiatives, it is common for an organization to use a combination of internal courses and our open courses to implement a quality management or improvement initiative. If you just want to provide training for a few individuals, we recommend you register them for our scheduled open courses on our campus or online. 
All internal training courses are adapted to your wishes. We conduct our courses in English or Swedish and can work with local partners or translators to provide education in other languages as well.  Please contact us for more information!