Sandholm Associates was started in 1971 by Lennart Sandholm in close collaboration with the American quality pioneer Joseph Juran. Sandholm Associates became one of the first education and consulting company focused on quality management, continual improvement and excellence in Europe.

As early as 1976, Lennart Sandholm started the department for quality management at Linköping University. Since the 80's, Lennart Sandholm, and later the company's current CEO, Lars Sörqvist, have led research and education in the subject of quality at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Lars Sörqvist currently works in senior positions at the International Academy for Quality (IAQ), the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the Shanghai Association for Quality (SAQ). Over the years, Sandholm’s consultants have written a large number of books, scientific articles, popular articles, and held talks at conferences on most continents, and acted as advisors to governments in several countries.

Sandholm Associates and The Sandholm Excellence Center are led by Lars Sörqvist and Marita Bergendahl today. Both also work as trainers and consultants.