About us

Sandholm Associates is a leading supplier of knowledge in quality management, continual improvements and excellence. We offer a large number of courses and seminars, as well as coaching, specialist support, supervision, and mentoring.  Sandholm Associates’ international training organization - Sandholm Excellence Center - operates worldwide from its base in Ponte de Lima,  northern Portugal.


Our mission is to help and support companies and public organizations in meeting the needs and expectations of their customers.  To continously improve by doing so, in an effective and efficient way, with the objective of achieving excellence.


Our vision is to create success, good results, satisfaction, and a sense of passion for our clients, their employees, and their customers. We also want to contribute to the developement of  quality management and in that way bring "welfare to the world".  

We believe in

... the continous development of every organization's ability to meet the needs and expectations of their customers.  Achieved through committed leadership, competent employeeship and systematic improvements.  Grounded in  problem-solving, process-developement, and innovation.