As researchers and quality professionals, many of us at Sandholm Excellence Center frequently publish articles and papers in magazines, journals, and conferences worldwide. The purpose is to share experiences and contribute to developing knowledge about quality management, continual improvements, and excellence. Here you can read some selected articles from us and our newsletter Potential.

Leadership for quality with Tom Johnstone

Tom Johnstone is chair of Husqvarna, Volvo Cars and Investor board member, and former CEO of SKF. In this interview from Sandholm Associates newsletter Potential, he shares his experiences of quality, continual improvements, and leadership. 

How to succeed with quality and excellence
Sunil Sinha, Resident Director of India’s largest global company, the Tata Group, gives his best advice and shares success factors in an interview from Sandholm Associates newsletter Potential.

Synergies between quality management and digitalization

Elmer Corbin, Global Delivery Excellence Executive at IBM Watson Health and past Chair of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), shares his experiences in this article from Sandholm Associates newsletter Potential, of how future computer technology will change the work with quality.

Important success factors for Six Sigma and improvement programs
Lennart Sandholm and Lars Sörqvist share their experiences of how to succeed with Six Sigma and continual improvements in this article.
Poor Quality Costs – an important tool for building commitment to quality
Lennart Sandholm and Lars Sörqvist share experiences on poor quality costs from a four-year research program at the Royal Institute of Technology involving major Swedish companies.