Personal integrity and data security

Our customers' trust and integrity are paramount to us at Sandholm Excellence Center. Our primary business is structured by contracts between Sandholm and various public and private sector businesses.  Those agreements govern the majority of our data policies. However, we additionally maintain and use data about individuals we have collected from individuals participating in our information programs, seminars and/or conferences, and/or related to consulting services, investigations or studies we conduct for our clients.  In addition, due to the recent changes according to GDPR, we have updated our policies and procedures regarding personal data management by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What data does Sandholm Excellence Summit store?
We retain only information related to the companies, organizations and individuals who themselves registered for our courses, seminars and/or conferences, and/or who participated in consulting projects, investigations and/or studies ordered by our customers. The information we have stored is required to offer assignments, communicate with participants about activities they ordered, and invoice the activities they participated in.   In these contexts, we store information about the company (organization) that orders the services and the contact information of each participating individual, including: the company address, the participant´s name, the individual's telephone number at the company, the individual's email address at the company, and information about the customer's wishes and booked activities. Consequently, we do not handle individuals' private information without being required.
In connection with consulting projects, investigations and/or studies, we occasionally handle information that concerns individuals' work, performance and/or views about the work and the employer. The information we handle is determined based on the customer/ client's wishes regarding the current assignment. All such information is dealt with confidentially during work and in accordance with the customer's wishes. Additional confidentiality agreements are often written based on the customer's legal requirements and desires. After completing assignments, any information traceable to specific individuals is deleted.

In what context do we handle personal data?
Sandholm Excellence Center handles personal information in connection with:
  • Registration for courses
  • Course lists/attendance lists for all activities
  • Diploma of participants after completing education
  • Billing and financial reporting
  • Outputting information such as:
    • Offers
    • Booking Confirmations
    • Invitations to courses
    • Invitation to courses / seminars / conferences
    • Newsletter
    • Ongoing skills upgrading to previous participants
  • Work and education projects conducted in participants' organizations
How do we handle customers' information and data?
We always handle our customer's information and information confidentially, and with the highest privacy. No information is provided without the customer's consent or wishes. We use up-to-date technology with updated firewalls and virus protection to protect against malicious intrusion.

Who has access to your information?
The information we receive from our customers is shared only with consultants and staff affected by the current case and never forwarded to third parties except for the information that Sandholm Associates AB is required to disclose based on Swedish,  or European law, which is typically related to accounting, financial statements, tax payments and declarations.

We never sell information to or share information with external organizations for any purposes, including marketing, advertising, or sales purposes. 

What are your rights?
Right of access
You are entitled to request information about the personal information we have about you at any time. You are welcome to contact us at, and we will send you your personal information via e-mail.

Right to correct your information
You are entitled to request a correction of your personal information. Furthermore, we would be highly grateful if you notify us of errors and/or changes via

Right to removal from our database
You may, at any time, request that we delete all of your data at the Sandholm Excellence Center, except when attending an ongoing education, have an ongoing order, have a debt to us, and/or have participated in an activity requiring personal information regarding your registration and/or account.

Right to limit communication from us
You have the right to request that we limit the information you receive from Sandholm as previous participants in our courses and seminars. It may be, for example, that you do not wish to receive newsletters. You can do this easily by contacting us at and sharing your wishes.

Further questions?
You are always welcome to contact the company's CEO Lars Sörqvist (registry administrator) or our personal information representative Marita Bergendahl. You can easily reach us via email at  
Is there anything we missed?  Please get in touch to let us know.